Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Institute on Political Journalism

The Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ) has two great opportunities available to any undergraduate student studying journalism, communications or public relations.  Please forward the announcement to student journalists and public relations majors.

Opportunity #1:  $2,500 Cash Prize for Novak Collegiate Journalism Award (April 15th Deadline)

Students are eligible to win $2,500 and fly to DC for an award ceremony at the National Press Club this summer.  To qualify, students should submit their outstanding articles or series to our Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Award contest. Visit for details.

The entry deadline is April 15thplease see the link above for details and submission guidelines.

The first place winner receives $2,500 and a free flight and accommodations in Washington, DC where they’ll attend the award ceremony at the National Press Club.  Second place winner receives $1,500.

Opportunity # 2:  Summer Journalism Internship Experience (March 23rd Deadline)

For journalism or communications majors, there is no more exciting place to be this summer than Washington, D.C.  Student journalists are covering hot button issues such as the war in Afghanistan, the battle for control of the U.S. Congress, the struggle to boost the economy and the 2012 Presidential Election cycle.

We are the extending the application and scholarship deadline to Mach 23, 2012 for our summer journalism internship program. This eight week academic internship program combines world class learning accredited by Georgetown University with hands-on experience in journalism or public relations in our nation’s capital.

More information and application instructions are available at  Please don’t hesitate to have interested students get in touch with me so I can walk them through the application process.

Best regards,

Joe Starrs
Director, Institute on Political Journalism
The Fund for American Studies

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