Monday, April 9, 2012

Social Media Internship, Torsion Mobile, Des Moines

Social Media Internship
Torsion Mobile, Des Moines
Summer 2012, apply ASAP

Your mission will be to take over our Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn channels and engage with our networks on a daily basis (Note: You'll have the keys to accounts for each. One for Torsion Mobile, one for our product, Mojaba). We also expect you to brainstorm, pitch and implement campaigns that will increase our social outreach. In your pursuit of social media greatness, you can also connect with industry leaders and convince them that Torsion Mobile and Mojaba are AWESOME. We may also ask you to contribute to the Torsion Mobile and Mojaba blogs.

Preference will be given to those who are active social media users and have experience with branded social media and superb writing skills (extra points if you're concise and good at spelling). You should also be able to work independent and share ideas and insights with a team.

The Torsion Mobile Internship Experience
You will work out of our Des Moines headquarters, and we'll drop you right into the thick of things -- can can promise you will learn a lot about mobile technology, startup life, and how cutting-edge technology is designed, produced, tested and released.You might even (eek!) be exposed to some coding. Or at least, coding geeks. The internship is 10-15 hours a week. We can't pay you, but we promise to give you a killer recommendation letter and real-world experience you can't get anywhere else.

Why you'll love working at Torsion Mobile:

  • Unlike most startups, our founders are industry vets with real experience. You can count on learning tons about entrepreneurship, technology and the business of making a business.
  • We'll give you responsibility. This isn't a cube job where you take orders from a chain of bosses. This is a startup, and you'll be part of the team. We'll depend on your expertise to guide our decisions, and we'll listen to (and act on) your suggestions.
  • You'll have something to show for your efforts at the end of your time with use -- analytics, clips and proof of how you contributed to Torsion Mobile and Mojaba
  • We're fun. We have remote-control helicopters in our office.
  • We're a remote company, so if you feel like working from Amici sometimes, that's fine by us.
Interested? Send us an e-mail at telling us why you want to come hang with us on Des Moines Silicon Sixth Avenue.

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