Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two positions: Social Media Maven and Market Researcher

A new joint venture is forming to create a kids' brand for unique videogames and virtual toys. We are seeking savvy, highly-motivated people to join our team of experienced game developers in building the kind of brand that has the same recognition as Dr. Seuss. Please note, along with the rest of the team, you will be working on a profit share basis.

We want to start by building experimental microgames for iOS devices. The overall concept is art + poetry + silly + kids. Watch this video and imagine - not literally but conceptually - each one of those experiments as a very small whimsical toy-like app:

Like the experiments in finding interesting sounds above, the goal here is to experiment on a small scale to develop an understanding of what makes videogames more meaningful, while still engaging kids.

There are two roles we need help with, which could potentially be accomplished by one rock star:

Social Media Maven
Our social media will be some combination of a blog development diary with writing and quality photos, DIY crafting posts (e.g. building your own toy xylophone with cardboard tubes), and sharing interesting links & stories. The ideal candidate will be passionate about indie games, a good writer, and have an eye for photography.

Market Researcher & Press Friend-Maker
We need to find out who would buy these and how to reach them. And then we need to make friends with the press to reach them. We have a couple assumptions, but they need to be tested. The ideal candidate will be passionate about indie games, a savvy researcher, and someone who really enjoys making friends.

Exceptional students seeking an internship are welcome to apply, but you should understand that this will be both more challenging and more rewarding than your typical internship.

To apply or for more information, email

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