Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marketing Internship, Chariton, Iowa

Lucas County Health Center

Assists with the development and coordination of programs for marketing new and existing health center services to the community. Assists with the planning and execution of events sponsored by LCHC. Represents the provider organization in interactions with the community and creates and disseminates information on hospital activities of public interest.


  • Ability to maintain confidentiality; and both a high standard of courtesy and cooperation in dealing with co-workers, patients, and visitors, and satisfactory job performance despite the stress of a hospital work environment. 
  • Incorporates Mission, Vision and Core Values of LCHC into department, and ensures departmental employees and self adhere to these.
  • Wears appropriate apparel for the position and displays name tag upon such apparel.
  • Assists with planning, organizing, and writing the Health Center’s internal and external communications.
  • Plans and executes special events which serve to advance staff, patient, and community relations.
  • Provides creative support for departmental publications and for all publications that advance the objectives of the Health Center.
  • Works directly with members of the public and specific community groups on projects which enhance the image of the Health Center and advance its objectives.
  • Contacts the media to promote innovative programs, positive developments, employee promotions, personal achievements, retirements or other goodwill information. Encourages open houses and tours to exhibit positive programs.
  • Participates in appropriate community activities which reflect a positive image of the Health Center.
  • Design ads and develop editorial copy for newspapers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Employees in this job classification have been identified as having the likelihood of occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials, therefore are included in the OSHA Exposure Control Plan with it's specification for preventing contact with the above materials.
  • The worker is not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions (such as in typical office or administrative work.)

Currently working on obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing/Public Relations, Journalism, Communication or related field.


  • Computer 
  • Photocopier
  • Fax machine
  • Calculator
  • Telephone
  • Printer 
  • Various Software Programs including but not limited to: Microsoft Office Professional, PageMaker or Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Creative Suites

Contact Information
Ms. Jena Danner
Marketing Director
1200 N. 7th Street
Chariton, Iowa 50049
United States